“keep trying and never give up!” [210.265]

"Keep trying and never give up!" (She says as she teaches herself to climb new things at the playground)

M kept saying those words to herself, over and over, as she “worked very hard!” (also her words) to learn how to do new climbing things at the playground. I think she heard Elmo say them in an episode of Sesame Street, and this kid, she loves Elmo. And though I actually think there are times when giving up IS the right thing to do, I’m glad she’s taking it to heart, because she’s tended to be the sort of kid who gives up instantly (and throws a screaming tantrum) if something doesn’t go perfectly the first time. I was so proud of her tackling all these new things at the playground, and she was really proud of herself, too!

We spent two whole hours at “The Linden Playground”, and as a result, didn’t have time to go to Highland Park afterward (as part of our usual 2 playground walk), which made M very very upset, despite my having warned her several times that if we didn’t leave within X minutes, we would have to go home instead. Oh, kiddo, mama’s trying to help. Maybe we’ll start with Highland Park next time.


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