i DO have affection for Lopi, it turns out!

this is how much sleeve I can get...

This, dear readers, is how much sleeve I can knit from a single skein of Lett Lopi. Gosh, I enjoy knitting with Lopi. It’s just so delightfully wooly. And I’m pretty darned excited to be creating a Lopi Affection cardigan for myself, because gosh, garter stitch + stripes + yokes = perfect, as far as I’m concerned.

This will probably end up being my “Rhinebeck Sweater”, since the odds of me finishing any OTHER sweater in addition to it before mid-October are pretty much nil. I have this weird hangup about not wearing something I designed myself, though. Even if it’s going to be an awesome sweater. There’s just this…sense in which I don’t feel anywhere near as proud of the sweaters I knit from patterns (there aren’t many of these, actually), and feel very awkward accepting compliments about them and whatnot. Even when I think the sweaters turned out great. I mean, all I did was KNIT them. (Well, I also chose colors, and often did make modifications, but still.) But…way to discount the effort put into knitting and doing quality finishing work, eh?

I guess it comes of knowing how much goes into actually DESIGNING a sweater, and also of feeling a real ownership over the design, when it’s one that came from my head. That’s just very different from what I feel about the sweaters I knit from other people’s designs. I know the work they put into creating the pattern, and so when someone compliments me on a sweater that someone else designed, I feel like the compliment is really owed to them. It’s a little silly, I know. Anyway, I’ll probably be wearing my Lopi Affection cardigan at Rhinebeck, and M will probably be wearing Elle Melle, and I’ll still be the same knitter and sometimes-designer I’ve always been even if I’m not wearing direct evidence of my design efforts on my body. (I had hoped to knit M and I matching Stripes! cardigans, and/or to reknit my Vahtralehed and knit M a toddler-sized one, but alas, there’s only one of me!)


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