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making an elle melle!

I appear to have contracted a powerful case of start-itis (and, um, also a nasty respiratory bug, alas) since defending my dissertation. First up, an Elle Melle for M:

Elle Melle

I cast on for this on Wednesday while M was at her Montessori morning-camp, and even at the fairly small gauge (6sts/inch) I feel like I’m flying! Stripes do that to me. I’m knitting this in size 4, which will be big on M, but that way it will fit her for a long time. She’s been asking repeatedly for a “purple cardigan” (and yes, she’s VERY particular about the distinction between “cardigan” and “pullover”!) and I’m hoping this fits the bill! She saw me knitting it yesterday and told me she wanted it to be done “RIGHT NOW!” so that she could wear it, so I’ll take that as a good sign. (And sorry, sweetie, but a sport-weight sweater’s gonna take some time to finish!)

Elle Melle

The yarn is Beaverslide’s 2 ply Sport/Sock weight, in Mountain Lupine (the darker blue/purple) and Wild Geranium. I adore this yarn! It’s working SO well in this pattern, too…it’s so perfectly wooly. And the colors are lovely together.

Elle Melle

I can’t get enough of this two-color ridged texture! So great. Right now I’m in the middle of ridge number 7 (I did some more knitting after snapping these photos)…11 more of these to go before I separate fronts and back!

I kinda want to knit myself one of these after I finish this one, in blues or greens or something. I’d actually fit in the largest size of the pattern (which is a 35″ chest measurement – I’m more like 34″), but raglan sleeves are kind of the worst for me (I’m broad-shouldered for my size). So if I did make myself a grown-up Elle Melle, I’d modify it to have set-in sleeves, and probably a scoopier neckline, but the handy thing about being a sometimes-designer is that I actually have the skills to do that. So…who knows!

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