afternoons with M. [202.365]

Having fun in the sandbox at playground number 1.

Since M wasn’t gonna take a nap, we took off for our usual 2 playground walk a bit earlier than usual. She had a blast in the sandbox at Playground 1, but as we were walking to Playground 2, I noticed she was quieter than usual…

She zonked so hard between playgrounds 1 and 2 that we walked right past 2 to go home.

She zonked so hard she didn’t even stir when I stopped at the second playground to try to wake her, so we just walked straight home. At which point she woke up and cried because we weren’t at Highland Park (Playground 2). I placated her with sidewalk chalk.

Sidewalk chalk is GREAT. Just ask M.

But kiddo? Your claims of “not being tired” ain’t fooling ANYONE.

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