tbt to bench monday. [198.365]

#tbt to #benchmonday : studying for quals.

Since everyone seemed to be throwing back to Bench Mondays (ah, the golden age of Flickr), I thought I’d pick this one, from when I was studying for my qualifying exams. Seems appropriate for the week after my successful defense.

I had a Skype interview for a position with the writing program up at the University of Minnesota (y’all, Minnesota is HOME for me, despite my tendency to use words like “y’all”). It went…ok? I think? I don’t know; it was my first Skype interview and I’m feeling rather slow on my feet because of the lack of sleep lately, but I don’t think I did BADLY…we’ll see. Worst case, I don’t get it, and I keep doing what I’m doing here, which is actually a great job for me (maybe even better than the one up in MN, which would be basically exclusively working with faculty. That’s part of my job here too, but I also really love working with freshmen in the classes I teach here), just…so very far from “home”. But we’ve made a pretty nice little home for ourselves here in Western NY, too. We’ll just see what happens.

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