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squares number five and six

I’ve actually got TWO new Mitered Crosses Squares to share with y’all! I bound off and then wove in the ends of Square Number Five in the car on the way to Ohio a couple of weeks ago and finally took a photo of it this morning:

square number 5

Love those little pops of hot pink! M saw me weaving in the ends (I was her backseat companion for the trip, which meant being scrunched up next to her carseat since that’s in the center seat – not the most comfy spot in the world for 7+ hours of driving!), and she asked what I was knitting. I told her it was part of a blanket. She asked, “A blanket for Maddy?” and I said, “Would you like it to be?”, and she said “Oh, YES!”. So…I think I know who the recipient of the Mitered Crosses Blanket will be :) (I’d always been open to giving it to her but would’ve been fine with her not wanting it, too.)

I cast on for and knit most of square number 6 in the car and around and about in Columbus during our visit, finishing it this past weekend. M is learning to use scissors, and she thought it was the BEST THING EVER that I let her use the little scissors from my Knit Kit to cut the yarn at each color change. She did a really good job! It drove her crazy once I got to the log cabin section, though, since you don’t break the yarn at all there. She kept asking “Maddy’s turn to cut?”. Aw. Nope.

square number 6

Square Number Six is probably the most subdued square so far. And with it, I’m now halfway done knitting squares for the blanket! I already cast on for Square Number Seven:


Maybe the blanket can be one of M’s birthday presents :)

2 thoughts on “squares number five and six”

  1. If I were Maddy, I’d ask for that blanket, too. ;) (Incidentally, I have next to me anywhere between 2 and 5 unfinished projects [unfinished for months if not years…] and am considering casting on more. So, the start-itis is going around.)

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