my little napfighter. [196.365]

Sneaking a nap at the bottom of the slide?

No nap yesterday, either (though I thought she might be trying to sneak one at the base of the slide, ha!). So we went on a 2 playground walk in the afternoon because the thought of being stuck in the house with an un-napped M for the remainder of the afternoon made me want to run away screaming. She’s…intense.

I was so glad the weather cleared up for the afternoon, because it had been raining the whole morning. That meant that we needed to bring some towels to dry off playground equipment (which I then accidentally left at playground #1 and had to double back to retrieve), and that the sandbox at playground #1 was quite damp, but M thought that was great because it was more packable. She kept telling me she was “doing sand-work, mama!”

"I doing sand-work, mama!" #montessorikid

She’s such a Montessori kid. Everything is “work” (Montessorians use this term to convey respect for the children’s activities and to stress the importance of what the child is doing – just as important was what adults call “work”). And she loves working!


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