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knitting! [195.365]


It was a strange but wonderful feeling to have the house ALL TO MYSELF Monday morning, and not have any work hanging over my head. So I knit. It was great.

Then M came home from her school camp (which is only in the mornings for the summer) and oy, it’s seeming like she’s in the process of dropping nap and this transition is HARD, yo! She was SO cranky that afternoon, but we had to get groceries, so I strapped her into our Onya carrier and we made it work:

How I accomplished groceries: with one un-napped 35lb toddler in the Onya.

It was actually SO MUCH easier to do groceries with her on my back (all 35 pound of her!) than trying to get her to sit in the cart and/or chasing her around the store while wrangling a cart. So even though it’s quite a workout, I think the carrier is where it’s at when M and I have to do groceries together.

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