on the stoop. [192.365]

On the stoop with grandma and grandpa.

On Friday, my parents and I took M to the Museum of Play so that they could see how wonderful the membership they gave us for Christmas really was as a gift. We didn’t really see the whole museum (you kind of can’t, in one visit, especially one visit with a toddler), but we did a LOT. Including snapping a photo of M and her grandparents on the Sesame Street stoop.

M did her usual thing at the mini-Wegmans and purchased 5 containers of peanut butter:

Scanning peanut butter at the strong. #latergram

She put on the Produce Manager’s bib, but decided she needed a hug as I was taking her picture:

Produce manager wants a hug. #latergram

She piloted a helicopter with her grandpa:

Flying the helicopter with grandpa #latergram

And they made some music together, too:

Making music with grandpa #latergram

It was a good but exhausting day for my first day post-Ph.D!


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