busy day. [188.365]

Took a detour into highland park. This is gonna be a LONG walk!

Me and my girl, taking a break on our 4.16 mile walk to sit on one of the benches in Highland Park.

Today’s accomplishments: finishing a (way too long) draft of my defense talk and sending it to my advisor (we meet tomorrow), doing a load of laundry, taking care of a missing blood test result on M’s school forms by walking us to the pediatrician’s (a little over a mile), dealing with a nasty diaper situation while I was there, then taking a detour on the way home because M decided she needed to go to the playground, then getting home and doing all of the dishes before A got home.

Over 4 miles, mostly hills, pushing a 40+lb stroller, at nearly 100% humidity…quite a workout!

M, by the way, handled getting stuck for the blood test like a champ! Watched the whole process, didn’t cry at all, and was fascinated and proud of herself when she was done:

She handled getting stuck (for blood test) so well!!

OMG OMG OMG I defend in 3 days and I’m STRESSED.


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