i love this crazy kid. [185.365]

I love this crazy kid.

We’re not big 4th of July people, so I wouldn’t have even noticed the holiday if it weren’t for the fact that (thankfully!) A got to be home today, which meant he could keep M out of my hair while I worked on prepping my defense talk. They went to the zoo while I tried to come up with relatively succinct and not ridiculously text-heavy slides to convey my thesis. I worked until about 4pm when I felt like my brain was turning into mush, and then I came down for some M-snuggles, which she was happy to provide in her usual insane manner (see above photo).

I love this kid so much. And hey, we were accidentally kindasorta patriotic today, which our matching blue tops. And her hair parts the same way as mine these days, too. If she had glasses we’d be total twinsies :)

(She’s TOTALLY gonna have glasses before long, too – she’s doomed on that front, given her parents.)


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