my girl, in the swing. [184.365]

In the swing on a rainy day.

Only photo I took on Thursday. M insists on swinging in EACH of the baby swings in both of the two playgrounds we visit on our two playground walk, so this was swing number 6 (the final swing), after which she climbed the climbing wall 5 times and impressed the crap out of a dad who was there with his (older) son. She’s getting so darned good at climbing! (And this is on a play structure rated 5+, so I’m actually a little surprised she can even reach things, but I guess she IS tall for her age!)

We ended up watching Sesame Street all afternoon because OMG my brain is just “dissertation defense dissertation defense dissertation defense” nonstop and I am so stupid-stressed about it that I needed Elmo et al to take over a bit. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

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