cousins. [180.365]


M had SO much fun visiting her cousin S this weekend. S turned 4 in February, and M is just so enamored with kids of that age (she’s around them a lot at her school) and she adores her cousin. They had fun playing together (and taking baths together after they got all sweaty playing in the hot hot weather). This is the only photo I got of the two of them together, though – it was taken in a TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS playground out in Westerville that we went to on Sunday. This place was nuts – the playstructure was like, bigger than my house (for real) and had a ton of awesome climbing walls (which M loved) and there were xylophones (which M loved) and a weird music/dance game thing (which M was freaked out by) and a million swings including those amazing adaptive swings (which M loved) and a creek with stones for the kids to cross and omg, it was heaven except for the lack of shade (I earned myself a sunburn that morning, alas).


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