a girl and her rhino friend. [178.365]

Maddy and her rhino friend (at the Columbus Zoo).

My MIL took the day off on Friday and took us to the Columbus Zoo! They’ve done amazing things since we left town, especially with their African section, where all of the animals who don’t eat each other have a big huge savannah space together and you can get really close up to the giraffes (my MIL’s favorite). M’s favorite, the rhinos, are still displaced while their space is worked on, but that meant that M got to commune with her “rhino friend” for quite awhile in the comfortably air-conditioned indoor space instead of outside where it was nearly 90 degrees and very very sunny and humid.

We also ended up having an impromptu unexpected meetup with MY brother and his family – it turned out they’d gone down to Cinci to visit my SIL’s family and were coming up to Columbus for the day to visit college friends, and my SIL noticed from my flickr photos that we were in C-bus as well, so we met up for a little while and I got to hold my sweet niece Emma (who is 10 months old now!) and it was lovely. Yay.


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