collaborative monster-drawing. [174.365]

Collaborative monster-drawing (she does outlines + hair, I do eyes and mouth/teeth)

She draws the outlines, I draw the eyes/mouths/teeth. It kept us entertained for a little while, which counts for something. This home-with-M-all-day business is really hard. She misses school, it’s making her grumpy and brittle, she’s testing every limit she possibly can because she’s not been home with me all day in ages and is trying to figure out the lay of the land (I’m sympathetic to this, she’s a toddler and she’s learning, but OMG am I tired of being the limit-setter who is constantly being screamed at). I never got any of the planned (just 2 days worth) downtime after finishing my dissertation before this started and oy, I’m spent and it shows, I’m sure.


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