park all to ourselves. [173.365]

Climbing the slide. We have the whole playground to ourselves!

A is trying to run regularly and I’ve been encouraging him to do his runs in the mornings on the weekend, rather than waiting until M’s mid-day nap (both because of the heat, and also because if he runs during her nap, I basically never, ever get to have 1-on-1 time with him). But of course, this means M and I have to keep ourselves busy while he’s running/showering/etc, so today we went on yet another 2 playground walk (which ends up being 5k worth of walking). Which I’m guessing we’ll do again tomorrow morning. And the morning after that. And the one after that. The one after THAT, though, we’ll be hopping into a car to drive to Ohio to visit A’s family.

Nice thing about going to the playground at 9am on Sunday is that we had the whole place to ourselves. Ah, the rewards of being godless heathens :) (Though actually I’ve been wanting to check out the UU church here, because they’re known for being super cool with atheists like me and I’d like to be part of a social-justice oriented community like the UUs! Also, not that this is relevant for awhile, but I hear they have an AMAZING sex-ed program that I want M to be able to take part in when she’s older. AND…I’ll shut up now. Enough random thoughts for one post!)

All this walking is helping me to build back my strength after The Semester of Constant Illness, which is something I’ve been working very hard to do. Last night I went to do pushups for the first time in a few weeks and I was able to do two sets of 20, which basically made me feel like a superhero. I’m glad to be getting my strength back and I hope I get to keep it for awhile this time.


2 thoughts on “park all to ourselves. [173.365]

    • The slides are GREAT! I mean, they get hot when it is sunny, but she actually SLIDES on them, unlike the plastic ones which just generate tons of static and no speed whatsoever.

      Yeah, if there were a non-church church, I’d totally join. But I think I’d be pretty at-home with the UUs. I went to a UU church for awhile as a kid.

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