little screamer. [171.365]

Little screamer (at Highland Park)

(This was a scream of glee, though I know it doesn’t exactly look like one in a still shot!)

Yet another 2 playground walk this morning. I’ve walked like, 14 miles or so this week. Makes me miss running, but the wear and tear of walking is VERY different from that of running, and walking is on my “approved by the doctor” list of exercise I can partake in (along with swimming) while running most decidedly is NOT. But it’s the whole “getting places under the power of my own two feet” thing that I really miss about running, and you just can’t get as far walking, even if you walk pretty fast like I do.

Gosh, back in the day when I was a serious marathoner, I regularly walked 4 miles a day (to the OSU campus and back) in addition to running nearly 100 miles a week. I’ll be happy with my 5k of walking, though – it’s what I can do now.

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