sad day. [170.365]

Snuggles on the swings.

(Us, swinging together at playground #2 of our second 2 playground walk of the week – I’ve set myself an exhausting precedent at this point, but I guess I’ll stay in good shape this way!)

Thursday was a day we’d been looking forward to – Field Day, the end-of-school celebration at M’s school which A and I helped to plan and organize as part of the Parent Organization. But, if you’ve been following along on Twitter, you know that M’s school nurse is SUPER conservative re: the hand-foot-and-mouth disease thing, and on Thursday morning we were told that M wasn’t allowed to go. At least I was smart enough not to have told M anything about it, so that she didn’t know any better, but I was heartbroken. I had really, really been looking forward to spending some time hanging out with the other kids and parents at M’s school, and there was live music and it was a beautiful day and UGH.

So instead of going to Field Day, we walked to the vet in the afternoon to pick up Stimpy’s medicine. Which ended up being another 3 miles, for a total of just over 6 miles of walking. I guess I was just trying to distract myself from being angry with the way things turned out this week. Boy, was I tired by that evening!

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