another new project


I registered my dissertation last week! Here’s my final “page count” photo:

June 6 page count: 248. Just abstract and acknowledgements left to go!

I took advantage of having a day where I didn’t need to be writing to cast on for a new project – my Lopi Affection cardigan!

Cast on for Lopi Affection this weekend.

(Holy moly, you can tell I’m tired in that photo!) The pattern asks you to start with sleeves, which I think is pretty smart (less to rip if your swatch turns out to be lying), and I’m actually almost to the elbow at this point (thanks to some knitting time with my Guild friends last night – it was so great to get together with them!). My knitting bliss has been interrupted these last few days, though, by the beast known as Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. A major outbreak (as in, literally every single kid at the baby and toddler level) at M’s Montessori school led them to shut down the Nido and Toddler rooms to disinfect them and let the kids recover, which meant those uninterrupted days of knitting and rest I thought I’d bought myself by working so hard and finishing a few days before my actual registration deadline? Not so much. But I have gotten lots of dozey snuggle time with my girl:

Tired ladies.

Poor thing had a TERRIBLE case – she couldn’t sleep at all on Saturday night because of how itchy and painful her feet were. I actually had some symptoms, too (fever and a few spots, nothing as bad as her), because apparently I’m not one of the majority of adults who can be infected without symptoms (at least A is!)

But she’s feeling a lot better now (but still can’t go back to school, since they closed the rooms), thank goodness!

She's so snuggly.

Gotta figure out what to do with my snugglemuffin these next couple of weeks – she’s basically missing the last week of school (this week), and then they have a couple of weeks off before summer session starts, so no rest for mama in the near future, alas. I’m pretty upset about losing those few days to myself for resting (y’all, I am TIRED), but it is what it is. And what it is will involve less knitting than it would have otherwise, but that’s life!


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