sleeping beauty. [166.365]

Sleeping beauty. Her feet itched so badly she didn't settle until 6am. My poor baby!

We had a horrible horrible night of no sleep until M finally was able to settle down a little after 6am this morning. I had A go sleep on the couch last night because I wanted him to at least be able to get some rest (M’s room is our closet so if she’s having a bad night, nobody sleeps unless they leave the room – A has more luck than this than I do because I still can’t tune her out, even outside of our room). I comforted M as much as I could and we finally dozed off after the sun came up. M ended up sleeping until noon (despite popping up a couple of times to say “all done sleeping!” only to fall immediately back to sleep). A was able to go for a run while I dozed with her and watched her sleep – more watching than dozing, because I don’t sleep well after the sun comes up, so once I woke up around 9am it was all over for me. So this was his Father’s Day gift: a partial night’s sleep, time to go for a run, and a nice framed print of a picture he took of M and I together (he wanted one for his office). Not bad, eh? He’s such a great daddy.

She’s so damned beautiful, isn’t she?

Fingers crossed for a good night tonight. I feel like a total zombie and really, really, need some rest after the mentally taxing process of finishing my dissertation!


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