zoo. [159.365]

Watching the alligators at the zoo.

On Sunday we went to the zoo as a family, and it was the first time in AGES that I’ve gotten to tag along on a zoo visit (A’s been taking her to give me work time). I love that top she’s wearing so much, but she’s really outgrowing it – it’s 24mo size and supposed to be a tunic. I wonder if I could figure out how to sew her one like it, but bigger.

2 thoughts on “zoo. [159.365]”

    1. Sure! Though it just occurred to me that *I* have a pattern (and have actually sewn!) something similar for M already – the Roly Poly Pinafore. I really like that this storebought one is sewn from knit fabric, and the Roly Poly pattern is definitely for wovens – I wonder if I could sew one in knits anyway? And I actually don’t like the buttons on the Roly Poly at all. If I were a cleverer sewist I could probably create some sort of mish-mash pattern but…I’m not clever with sewing, alas.

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