miss grumplebutt. [155.365]

That's quite the look you're giving me, Miss Grumplebutt.

M was giving quite the face when I picked her up from school on Wednesday. Oh, Miss Grumplebutt, you got to go to the Museum of Play with BOTH mama and daddy that afternoon, so life was actually pretty good!

I went into campus on Wednesday and met with my advisor. His feedback on my dissertation? The dialog went like this:

Him: “This was delightful to read!”
Me: “So, what sorts of changes do you think I need to make before it’s ready?”
Him: “Nope, it’s great as-is. Just write up that last followup study. The thesis is rich enough even if the results of that one are kinda meh.”
Me: “Seriously?”
Him: “Yep!”

So, um, that’s pretty nice, eh?


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