haircut day. [151.365]

Haircut day

Got my hair cut today. Just a trim. I have to go pretty often (if I’m keeping my hair short, which is what I want to do) because my hair grows crazy-fast. I mean, from what I understand, the average is about 6″/year if you don’t cut your hair at all and mine was more like 9″ or 10″/year, back in the days when I routinely went a year or more between cuts. So, yeah. At least I go to an Aveda place where I can work with a junior person who isn’t very expensive but still does a good job.

Today was nice, except for waking up with miserable sinus crud. Our parent-friends texted us for an impromptu playdate at the park near our house with our girls, so we walked there and hung out with them and it was just so nice. I really like them! But walking 2 miles, half of which was uphill (the way there – seriously, we live a mile from this playground and it is pretty much literally uphill the whole way), was maybe a bit much for me and my sinus crud. Oh well. I think we’re going to try to get together with this family fairly regularly and I am so looking forward to that because we get along so well.

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