friday. [150.365]

May 30 page count: 237. Still running a quick followup study on Mechanical Turk, but everything's finished other than that.

In that weird state where I’ve done everything I can do until I get that last bit of data, and I haven’t heard anything from my advisor because he’s in China right now, so I’m not “done” but I can’t actually do any more. Friday was the first time I let myself go on Twitter during work hours on a work day since the beginning of May.

I didn’t quite meet my goal of a finished draft by the end of May (because of that last bit of data that I still don’t have), but pretty damned close. I’m proud of myself. But it’s a weird thing, because like I said, I’ve gotten no feedback yet. Not for lack of asking. So…maybe I’m proud of myself for writing what is actually a bunch of crap? I don’t know. I’d like to know.

Friday’s my day for early M-pickups, so we first enjoyed a little “picnic” snack outside her school:

Having a snack outside M's school.

And then we went to the Museum of Play, where M had a lot of fun working with the “Squigs” that were at one of their toy-tables:

Maddy loved these "squigs" (at the museum of play)

And then spent $55 imaginary dollars on peanut butter (just peanut butter) at the kid Wegmans:

Maddy's receipt from the museum of play wegmans: $55 worth of peanut butter!

Not a bad day, but boy am I tired.

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