page count: 210 [143.365]

May 23 page count: 210. No sleep last night thanks to M. Today's gonna be rough.

Today was rough. M didn’t let me sleep AT ALL last night, so I was operating on no sleep, and of course it’s a Friday, which is my day to pick her up from school at 3, so my worktime was cut short. Not that I was getting all that much done by the time pick-up time rolled around; I needed to be writing a script to process my results files, but my programming skills fly out the window when I’m super sleep-deprived. Bad timing, that. Also a GREAT condition to be in when you have to drive and pick up a toddler! She proceeded to be a nightmare while we were running our errands (poor thing didn’t get much sleep, herself, and was having a very hard time controlling herself, and wrangling a cart plus a rampaging toddler in Target is…not very easy!), and then screamed bloody murder the entire drive home because she dropped her magnadoodler and I wouldn’t pick it up for her (because, you know, I was driving, and it was behind my seat, so kind of literally impossible!). She screamed so loudly that I started having sensory overload problems (or, to use the words I use when I try to describe what this is like for me, she was screaming so loudly that I started seeing purple), and also could not hear the sirens of a police car that was barreling through an intersection, and only very nearly stopped my car in time not to be t-boned by said police car. I already hate driving, so that was enough to leave me a trembling, sobbing wreck by the time we were home. Oh, kiddo. Please sleep tonight!

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