still writing…

Just checking in. My most recent page count:

may 20 page count: 192 (and a finished draft of Ch. 4!)

Inching ever closer to 200. I’m kinda wordy :)

I now have finished drafts of the first 4 Chapters. Hope to have a draft of Chapter 5 by the end of the week, but I’ve got to work out some data/stats issues before I can do that. If I can do that, I’ll definitely hit my goal of a completed full draft (all 6 chapters) by the end of May. I know I can write Chapter 6 (the conclusions and future directions chapter) in less than a week.

Then, I have until June 16th to do whatever revisions my committee asks me to do before officially submitting my dissertation. Then I defend on July 10th. That should be plenty of time to put together a good talk. I’m not super worried about that; you can’t put together over 60 presentations (between the two lecture-based classes I taught this year and the workshops I gave for the writing program) in a year without developing some confidence in your ability to put together and deliver a talk. But ask me again when I’m actually putting it together :)

I actually *am* still knitting, just a little bit (on the Mitered Crosses Blanket):

Square number six #WIPSunday

But really, I’m pretty single-mindedly focused on the dissertation for now. I’ll be a more interesting person again in August. I hope.

1 thought on “still writing…”

  1. I, for one, am doffing my cap to your focus and your progress! I’m finding knitting sooooo much more compelling than my work deadlines right now. In fact I should be working right now, and what am I doing instead? :) Good luck! And think of the knitting time you’ll have while you wait for the comments to come back… the longer it is, the longer your committee will take, yes?

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