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dealing with data. [141.365]

So much data to code. Almost done. Then analysis. Then more writing.

Spent my first 3 hours of work time this morning fighting with my big old spreadsheet of data. I made some (what-turned-out-to-be) dumb choices about how to code things and then had to redo a bunch of stuff and if I weren’t so tired, I probably could’ve figured out how to write a script to do it for me, but instead I did it all by hand. Lots of “Find and Replace”, and lots of Copy-Paste, but by noon it was in usable format. So then I ran some stats, got some interesting results, started writing them up.

More stats to do tomorrow – still haven’t figured out how to model one of the things I’m interested in, but I’ll get there (I hope). Sent my advisor the draft with FOUR finished chapters in it, and he seems happy with it so far (but he’s so distracted with grant-writing and upcoming travel that I’m slightly scared he’s just going to wait until the last minute to tell me everything that’s wrong with what I’m writing!). Definitely gonna crack 200 pages before I finish Chapter 5, and there’s a whole other chapter after that. Getting closer, though.

This dissertation-writing thing is such a marathon. Good thing I used to be a kick-ass marathoner, back before my body started doing stupid things.

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