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may 16 page count: 175

Fridays are the hardest for me. I’m tired after writing writing writing all week long, and then my day is cut shorter because Fridays are my day to pick M up from school at 3, so I always feel down on myself about my progress on Fridays. Oh well.

We went over to our friends’ house on Friday afternoon to drop off our co-sleeper; my friend is expecting her second baby in August, and we offered them our co-sleeper since we’re not using it (we’re pretty sure we’re done with one, but if we aren’t, we’ll deal with replacing things if we have to – no sense hanging onto crap, especially given our limited storage, “just in case”). It was great seeing her daughter K, who is 5 months older than M. She’s so much smaller than M (a few inches shorter and 9 pounds lighter!), and she used to always be so, so shy with me, but she was chatting up a storm on Friday! Looking forward to celebrating her third birthday in July, thankfully the week AFTER my defense, so I should maybe be a more fun person by then :)

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