page count: 151 [133.365]

May 13 page count: 151. Yet another night of almost no sleep thanks to M. Oh, kiddo, you're breaking mama.

This morning’s page count was 151. I worked today to finish the draft of Chapter 3, which put my page count by the end of the day at 165.

I want to think that I’m kicking ass at this whole “finishing a dissertation” thing, but I have yet to hear what my advisor thinks of the writing I’ve done so far. I sent the first three chapters to him today. We’ll see what he thinks.

I’m so tired I don’t trust my own judgement about my writing right now. A certain someone has decided that right now is a GREAT time to have a sleep regression and I vehemently disagree and OMG I AM SO TIRED.

4 thoughts on “page count: 151 [133.365]”

    1. Thanks! I saw him this morning at lab meeting and he said based on what he’s read so far (which is not all 120 pages of what I sent him!), it looks good. My writing is “fun to read”, apparently :)

  1. I’m pulling for you, Whitney — you can do this! And revisions are always easier than filling up a blank page. What’s your target page count (or do you even have one)?

    1. Thanks, Ann! So true about revisions – I’m always working to convince my writing students of this. No target page count, though I suspect I’ll probably end up around 200 pages? I’ve got 6 chapters, and now have full drafts of 3 of them, and then partial drafts of the rest, so I’m definitely making good progress.

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