friday. [129.365]

May 9 page count: 137

Friday was a big day – I finished Chapter 1 of my dissertation (as in, there are no more parts where the text says “FILL ME IN LATER!”). It’s 60 pages long, because apparently I have a lot to say about the approaches to common ground in language comprehension and production.

I also received my first “made by my child” Mother’s Day gift – a plant, which M planted herself, in a pot that she painted herself!

Maddy made me a Mother's Day present at school!

And it was my day to pick M up from school at 3, so we went to the Museum of Play to have some fun together before A got home. She had a blast in the Sesame Street area…

Having fun making music at the Museum of Play.

…and I got some wonderful cheek-squeeze action from her after our ride on the choo-choo train!


Trying to rest and recharge as much as I can this weekend so that I can kick some ass on Chapters 2 and 3 next week!

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