page count: 128 [128.365]

May 8 page count: 128

It cracks me up that this morning’s page count is 128 and so is today’s picture number. It doesn’t take much to amuse me, heh.

I’ve added a lot so far today – I’m at 137 pages, and I’m pretty sure that I finished Chapter 1 (my Introduction, which should be called “Whitney has a lot to say about common ground, conversation, and reference, and takes 60 pages to say it”). Here’s hoping that it’s not actually just a rambling incoherent mess that has no point – I’m not sure I could even tell at this point.

I am TIRED, y’all.

Tonight, my advisor is having the entire lab over to his house for a party, where he says he’s making a “big announcement”. I’m guessing it’s that he’s retiring next year – I don’t really know what else it could be, but we’ll see! M loves going over to his house because he has a really cool ramp set up in his backyard so that his aging Bernese Mountain Dog can get up onto the deck, and M thinks it’s super fun to go up and down it.

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