page count: 115 [127.365]

May 7 page count: 115

Busy day. Chiseled away at the dissertation, slowly filling in all the places where I had previously written “FILL ME IN!”, and reorganizing material so that it (hopefully) is more coherent. My first chapter (intro/background material) is turning into a 50+ page monstrosity, but I’m covering a lot of ground and if my advisor doesn’t care that it’s on the wordy side, I certainly don’t. (I’m hoping he won’t care. He probably won’t. It’s not like the writing is bad, it’s just probably kind of unnecessarily bloated.)

Went to a Parent Organization meeting at M’s school, where we planned the End of Year celebration. I like working with the other parents at the school, and I actually offered myself as a potential Board Member for the school (they’re trying to recruit more members), so assuming anyone votes for me in the upcoming Board election, I’ll be part of that, too. I’m quite passionate about Montessori education, so I’d like to be more involved. You know, as much as I can be without getting horrendously overwhelmed.

Headed into campus in the evening to give my Language Development students their optional final (it replaces their lowest Exam score). Got another several pages written while they took it.

My life is SO boring right now, y’all – it’s just writing writing writing writing. (I can tell that’s what I’m doing, because I’m having a really hard time turning off the “Command-S” habit I’ve developed to save my text every time I pause in my typing, which is kind of annoying when I’m typing in a browser like I am now!) I’ll be more interesting again after I defend on July 10th. At least, I hope I will be.

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