rough day. [126.365]

mama's tired.

No new page count today, since I didn’t add to it yesterday. The good news is that I did add to it today. But gosh, today was a rough day. Just overpowered by self doubt. I’m convinced my dissertation is stupid and unoriginal and this whole process of finishing it is making me feel stupid and worthless. I know that it does that to a lot of people, but goodness, it’s hard. Like, if my ideas aren’t all that great, then surely I must be not all that great. Which is dumb, I know, but there you have it. Academia warps you a bit.

And my insomnia is back, so I’m trying to do it all while incredibly tired.

Poor M had a rough day, too – no nap, and she was just utterly losing her shit at bedtime. Oh, the screaming!

Gonna take a unisom, hope my brain will turn off, and hope that tomorrow is a better day!

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