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into triple digits. [122.365]

May 2 dissertation page count: 101

Yeah, I’m posting another photo nearly identical to yesterday’s, except this time, my morning dissertation page count was 101. Triple-digits, woohoo!

As of right now, I’m actually at 108pgs, but I’ve also basically picked all of the remaining low-hanging fruit (e.g. Methods sections). I have a whole whack of data left to do analyses on (fortunately, I’ve got enough already in the diss that it can become a “hey, look at this experiment that didn’t work!” part of the diss if nothing interesting turns up in the analysis, and some of the data consists of transcripts, which means I can at least do some qualitative stuff and probably find interesting things to say regardless). That’s gonna be my focus for at least a few days, so I don’t expect the page count to shift all that much for awhile.

And of course I still have some teaching-related stuff hanging over my head. I’m regretting allowing some of my writing students to take extensions on their Portfolios because I just want to be DONE.

Y’all, I’m kind of a ball of stress right now. Trying to keep myself chill so that I don’t utterly melt down (as in, become unable to eat or sleep) the way I did during my quals, which were only 4 days long – if I did that for a full 30 days, I’d literally die. Hard to shake the “verge of tears” feeling I get when I’m feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of myself, and also hard to ignore the nasty fibro flareup I’m having (ow, my whole body hurts). But I’m too stubborn for my own good, and that’ll actually serve me well right now. If I can finish the Boston Marathon in 80+ degree temps, after spending the previous night hurling my guts out (yes, I actually did this, back in 2004), I can finish this dissertation. So…onward!

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