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it begins. [121.365]

May 1 dissertation page count: just noting where I'm starting as I make the final push toward the finish line.

May 1 dissertation page count: 90. Decided to take a photo this morning, noting where I’m starting as I make the final push toward the finish line. I’ve managed to write 90 pages so far this year in bits and blobs, but now I need to finish the thing. I’m planning to take a photo of my current page count (not necessarily an SP like this one) every day until I’m done. Page count actually isn’t the best metric for progress, since there will surely be times when I rewrite a bunch of my brain-dumping and come up with fewer pages, but better ones, and that’s progress all the same. But whatever.

May is going to be nothing but dissertation writing (well, I still have some teaching-related stuff to finish out, but no more classes, at least). I’m trying to be very focused, which means I’m staying offline during work hours. I know I’ve not been super-duper participatory here (I mean, other than posting my photos – I’m doing a lousy job commenting) but it’ll be even worse during May and possibly the early part of June. Oh, let’s face it, I’m going to be a distracted anxious mess until I defend (on July 10th or 11th – hasn’t been settled yet). Maybe by August I’ll be a coherent, interesting person again?

So far today I’ve added 11 pages to my page count. Done a lot of outlining/organizing. Also finished grading the last set of homework for my language acquisition class (since my TA is kinda useless), cleaned up my grade spreadsheet, and wrote the optional final exam (which they can take on May 7th to replace their lowest exam score). Not bad, not bad.

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