my kid is adorable.


Alternate title for this post: It’s my knitting blog, and I can post cute pictures of my kid if I want to!

showing off her tongue

We went to the playground on Sunday in hopes of getting “nice” photos of M – we didn’t so much succeed at that, but she’s still awfully cute, and she was wearing babyStripes! the second, so it’s totally relevant to post the pictures here. And y’all, she’s so cute. Especially when she sticks her tongue out!

happy M

I was really hoping to get a photo of her smiling on the swings, but she decided to put on her serious face instead:

on the swings

This is the closest we got to an actual smile:

on the swings

But no matter what, she’s just adorable, and she looks great in babyStripes! (Which I swear I’ll be publishing the pattern for this summer, probably in August!)

at the playground

Doesn’t everyone need cute toddler pictures to get through Wednesday? I thought so.


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