future lopi affection.


Along with all of those OTHER things I’m planning (and some I’ve not yet mentioned…I might have a wee bit of a planning problem!), I’m planning to make myself a Lopi Affection cardigan. Y’all know how I love yoked cardigans. And garter stitch. And stripes. So…yeah. How could I not knit myself one of these? And I was even able to pick up the yarn for it on sale (via Craftsy) using my birthday money:

future lopi affection

Well, I already had the bright green skein of Cascade Pastaza Handpaints in my stash, but the Lett-Lopi is new to me. I’ve never knit with Lopi before, but I think I’m gonna love it! The main color is “Glacier Blue”, which is pretty much my favorite color ever, and there’s a skein of “White” for one of the contrast colors.

future lopi affection

I’m planning to use the Pastaza as the second contrast colors, though if it doesn’t work out, gauge/etc-wise, I can always pick up a single skein of “Grass Green” Lett-Lopi (Craftsy doesn’t sell that color, though). I’m a little nervous that it won’t work not just because it’s a little heavier, but also because the “handpaint” nature of it might look a little busy. We’ll see.

such pretty yarn bands.

Aren’t the ball-bands pretty?

I’m in a funny place right now, knitting-wise. I still have lots of ideas for patterns and designs and I’d love to get them published (at least via self-publishing), but at the same time, there are quite a few patterns from other people that I want to knit (like, say, Lopi Affection), and I kind of miss the old days where I didn’t feel the need for every single thing I made to be a made-up-by-me sample/test-knit for some pattern I was working up – that ends up being stressful sometimes, especially since motherhood has basically scrambled my brains and made what used to be easy design math into something I screw up constantly now. It’s just become this weird pressure I put on myself somehow, that I have to keep “being a designer”, and maybe it’s ok to just be a “knitter who designs things occasionally”, which is all I ever wanted to be in the first place.

I don’t know if I can really have it both ways, because there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but if I’m not going to be making a living out of knitwear design (and if I’m working full time at other things, which I am), it doesn’t make sense to put so much pressure on myself to always be knitting original things, if there’s other stuff out there that tickles my fancy. But then again – I ended up knitting original things for myself because that’s just kind of how I roll, and I do have tons and tons of ideas that I’d love to put out there. But I feel like things move so fast in the knit design world (especially the self-publishing side of it) – folks have new patterns out every other week it seems like, and obviously I can’t do that, so where would I fit? I’m obviously not a “REAL” designer, but I don’t need to be. I need to remember that I don’t need to be.


2 thoughts on “future lopi affection.

  1. Ahhh, Lopi has long been a favorite yarn of mine! Right now I am working with Einband’s lace weight while wearing a pullover from BULKY lopi! The bulky lopi (so much thicker than regular lopi which is “bulky” weight) is amazingly warm and cozy.

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