friday. [115.365]

Flowers on the tree outside the library. #latergram

Flowers on the tree outside the library where I work…which oddly still has no leaves on it. None of the trees around here even have much in the way of buds. Such a depressingly late Spring. I need some green! Come on, nature!

Friday was an exhausting but good day. I worked all morning, writing exams, preparing for a meeting with the RSRB about the pedagogical research I’m doing next year, and typing up feedback on my students’ presentations. I took M to the library after I picked her up from school and we read books for an hour and a half until it was time to meet up with A on campus. Good thing it hadn’t started raining yet, because I needed to keep the car on campus, which meant A needed to push M home (2.5 miles, with hills) in the stroller. Oh, the joys of single-car logistics once a toddler and her bedtime are thrown into the picture. I needed the car so that I could stay for the writing program awards dinner, where my student from last semester won top prize in the freshman-level writing contest. He did a great job with his presentation and I was such a proud teacher!


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