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blue skies! sunshine! [114.365]

Blue skies and sunshine make me SO happy!!

Today was GORGEOUS! A bit on the chilly side, but it was so sunny, and the sky was so blue, and I just wanted to drink it all in. I needed a sunny day.

Today I taught my last lecture of the semester. There’s still one more class period left, but my writing students are wrapping up their presentations and my language development students are taking their 3rd exam, so there’s no more lecturing left for me. I actually wonder if I’ll ever lecture again? If I end up staying on the writing program side of things for good, there’s a distinct possibility that I won’t, because my writing classes are all seminar/discussion/workshop-based small classes.

Still have a bunch more one-on-one conferences with my writing students, and a couple of exams to write (there’s also an optional final in my language development class), and then OMG SO MUCH GRADING, so I’m definitely in the throes of end-of-semester craziness. And the light at the end of my tunnel is actually a month straight of NOTHING BUT DISSERTATION WRITING, so…not much of a light. I’m supposed to defend in mid July, so at least I’ll have the back half of summer to de-stress a little bit before I dive into my full time Lecturer position (which is a funny name, since the classes aren’t lecture-based) with the writing program.

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