happy kiddo at the playground. [111.365]

Happy kiddo at the playground!

We were able to go on a family walk to the playground after dinner tonight, and M was SO happy about it. I ended up walking a ton today, because before that, I walked the 2.5 miles home from campus, and FAST, because I didn’t want to be late for dinner. So though I’m no longer running and Boston Marathon day still makes me a bit sad for the running life that I lost due to mixed connective tissue disease, I did get a good 3.5 miles of walking in today and that’s great.

M didn’t let me sleep last night (crazy nighttime antics – I had to hold her the whole night or else she screamed, so it wasn’t like I was gonna get sleep either way), so I was operating on adrenaline today. Got a lot done, but I know I’ll be feeling it throughout the week. I swear, every time I’m starting to get better from being sick, M pulls some crazy all-night antics. I’m just running on empty. So glad we’re in the final stretch of the semester, even though that means my crazy month of NOTHING BUT DISSERTATION WRITING is almost upon me.

Found out this afternoon that one of my writing students from last semester won our freshman writing contest for the research paper he wrote in my class (on AI and music composition) and I am so super duper proud of him, especially because I know just how hard he worked on that paper, and, well, I helped him get there!


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