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busy sunday. [110.365]

Making playdough with M at her friend's birthday party. She put a lot of flour in my lap! :)

Making playdough with M at her friend’s birthday party this morning – she put a lot of flour in my lap!

Today was a very full day. M’s school-friend turned 2 today, so we went over to their house with another family from the school to celebrate this morning. It was a lot of fun – we’ve gotten to be pretty close to both families and it’s just nice to spend time with other like-minded families of three! The birthday girl’s family is raising chickens in the city!

Maddy contemplates the chickens (at her friend Sasha's house)

Before we left, we had a little Easter celebration (even though we’re not Christian and we already celebrated the Equinox a month ago, but whatever! We might not celebrate it every year; we still haven’t figured out how we’re handling holidays as a family). I continued my family’s tradition of colorful undies in Easter baskets and gave M a few pairs of training undies. We also gave her “Easter Eggs”, which were actually those rhythm shakers that are shaped like eggs. And some Duplo that we got for almost nothing thanks to coupons. Yay!

Maddy's Easter basket. (What, doesn't everyone get new colorful undies for Easter?)

Also before we left, I made two loaves of rosemary olive oil bread – one we baked all the way, to have with soup tonight, and one we parbaked and will finish baking later this week when we eat leftover soup. Later, we also made A’s breakfast scones, a loaf of honey-flax bread for my sandwiches during the week, and a big batch of white bean and barley soup. And I gave feedback on another group of student papers, and wound a giant skein of Eco Wool to keep knitting on my Mitered Crosses blanket.

A very large ball of yarn. (Cascade Eco Wool)

Busy busy day. And a busy busy week ahead. Here’s hoping I can stay healthy and make it through these last two weeks of the semester.

2 thoughts on “busy sunday. [110.365]”

    1. It was kinda nuts. Our Sundays are always pretty full of food prep, but trying to do all the usual food stuff PLUS a birthday party PLUS catching back up on feedback for my students was just crazypants.

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