…a quilt for M’s big girl bed?

We set up a “big girl bed” for M about a month ago, after she kept asking about it. She was sleeping on a Montessori-style floor bed (just a crib mattress on the floor), so we just took her unused crib and set it up with one side removed so that it’s now a toddler bed:

big girl bed.

I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for M since before she was born, and once I saw this one over on Pintrest, I decided that just HAD to be the quilt I made for M. My girl loves stars and all of the colors of the rainbow, after all.

I already had a couple of packs of Kona Brights charm squares, as well as a decent amount of Essex linen blend (in the natural color). I picked up some bright green flannel and crib-sized batting with a coupon at Joann awhile back, so I actually have everything I need to make this thing!


Of course, I am a serious newbie when it comes to quilting, and I may very well be biting off more than I can really chew, but I’ve always been the sort of person who will learn whatever skills I need to in order to create the things that I’m dead-set on creating…that’s how I learned to knit, after all. But if anyone wants to (virtually) hold my hand while I figure out how to get started on this thing, I’d be ever so appreciative!

charm squares

I love these bright rainbow colors against the natural linen!


7 thoughts on “plotting…

  1. I love her little room! The star quilt I made for R is the same thing, the HST’s are super easy once you get going, remember to use a scant 1/4 seam, it helps the points meet up! Let me know if you have questions!!

  2. I wholeheartedly second the recommendation about the 1/4″ seam. In fact, recently I had to reject a small pile of quilt blocks because they were sized much differently than the rest after I made my seams the wrong size. I’m even thinking of getting a quarter-inch foot for my machine, but I haven’t decided if that’s necessary.
    Here’s another thing I noticed today: having a new, sharp blade in your rotary cutter makes a HUGE difference.
    Good luck! That quilt will be beautiful.

    • I might look into getting a 1/4″ foot for my machine, or maybe trying the “layer on masking tape at the 1/4″ mark so that your fabric doesn’t go over it” trick that a friend of mine told me about once. I’ve got a pack of new blades for my rotary cutter somewhere (picked them up with a Joann coupon back in the day), so once I find them, I’ll be ready to go…here’s hoping I can manage it!

  3. Gwen

    I’m totally the same way and have been planning a quilt for H for about, oh, 18 months. ;) I figure what better way to learn than to jump in with both feet, right? That’s an awesome pattern and palate.

    • Exactly! I’m a little more nervous about diving in with sewing, because at least with knitting, if you screw up you can just unravel it and start over. But still…gotta learn somehow!

  4. Lisle

    I love quilting! The quarter-inch seam is important, but it’s more important to be consistent in your seam width. That way they fit is still right, though your dimensions may be a little off. And the rotary cutter is your best friend, provided you remember to cover the blade every time you put it down.

    I’d love to help out! It’s such fun to make bright things!

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