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constant companion. [104.365]

Maddy's constant companion. Matches our couch really well!!

M brings this alligator with her EVERYWHERE these days. It was a gift from Oliver, the then-5-year-old son of my parents’ friends (sort of a pseudo-cousin to M), back when M was 4 months old. He chose well!

Every time I ask M what her alligator’s name is, she tells me “Alligator”, so I guess for now this dude is called “Alligator the alligator”. He matches our couch really well. We do like green in this household.

M ever so kindly gave me her cold as a belated birthday present, so I felt like crud all day today. Here’s hoping the “swallowing sand” feeling goes away before my lecture class tomorrow. At least my writing students are doing Peer Review, so I probably won’t have to talk too much during that class!

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