mitered crosses blanket

square number two

Knitting in the hallway while we wait for Spring Celebration to start.

I can’t stop knitting on my Mitered Crosses Blanket! I’ve been bringing it with me everywhere, and got some good knitting time on Friday morning while we waited for the Spring Celebration at M’s school to get started. As of this morning, I’ve got another square to add to the pile:

square number two

Square number two is a little less riotous in its colors than square number one, but still so lovely. I just can’t get enough of this pattern. It’s so fun to knit (garter stitch, miters, and log-cabins, whee!), and the end result is gorgeous.

still in love with this project.

Two down, ten more to go. I’ve already cast on for square number three…

square number three begins

There’s that hot pink again!

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