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happy birthday to me! [102.365]

enjoying my birthday cupcake.

I turned 31 today! The day started out a bit rough (M woke up with a stuffy nose and was SUPER cranky/clingy all morning), but it got better as it went on. I got a haircut, and met up with a friend of mine who graduated a few years back who happened to be in town, and she got to meet M, which was great – the last time my friend “saw” her, she was still “The Munchkin”, living inside my belly. (I think I was about 7mos pregnant when my friend moved away). And of course, A made me delicious carrot cupcakes. Y’all, he uses the microplane grater to grate the carrots, and (as usual) uses mostly applesauce in place of the oil called for in the recipe, and it makes the most amazingly moist, awesome carrot cake ever. It is the best. Yum yum yum.

Here’s hoping 31 is a great year!

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