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friday. [101.365]

Knitting in the hallway while we wait for Spring Celebration to start.

Knitting in the hallway at M’s school while we waited for their Spring Festival to start. I liked this picture so much I made it my new profile picture over on my blog. So much knitting in one picture – my sweater, my shawl, and square number two of the mitered square blanket.

Friday was nice – we got to go to M’s school festival in the morning, and then I got to meet up with my former advisor (from undergrad/Masters, back at OSU), who was in town to give a talk. I hadn’t seen her in 7.5 years! She got to meet M, too, which was very sweet. And the weather was amazing, so we got to take M to the playground and hang out there for a big part of the evening. Yay!

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