square number one.

square number 1

I finished knitting the first square of my Mitered Crosses Blanket this week. I’m just so in love with this project already. I’d forgotten how much I adore knitting with Noro – it’s not JUST the amazing color shifts, but the delightful rustic, wooly, almost-felted feeling it has, running through my fingers. I need to find more excuses to knit with it!

square number 1

For this blanket, I’m combining Noro Kureyon and Cascade Eco Wool (which I also did to great effect in Stripes!), and knitting the squares on size 8 needles. They’re coming out pretty big, and I think a 3×4 square blanket will be a delightful size, so that’s what I’m currently aiming for – I suppose that means I’ve got eleven more to go!

I got started on square number two yesterday…

Knitting the second square of the Mitered Square Blanket.

I love the modular nature of the pattern, and garter stitch and I are such good friends lately. This is a good project for me right now.

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