not the best school pickup ever. [94.365]

Not the best school pick-up ever.

Torrential rain and an incredibly cranky (nap-skipping) M meant I ended up attempting to carry a 33lb toddler, her lunch and diaper bags, AND an umbrella to the car. I almost dropped her, and pulled a muscle in my shoulder, and we both got soaked. It was…unpleasant.

But then she fell asleep in the car and I got to spend 45 minutes sitting quietly by myself in the car in the Target parking lot while the rain poured down, which was kinda nice.

M’s in a frustrating stage right now. As of this week she’s started saying “NO!” to everything and negating whatever you say. Likely, literally everything. It’s mostly hilarious: “You NOT mama!”, “I NOT Maddy!”, “It NOT raining!” (when it oh so clearly is), “I NOT love you!” (while hugging and kissing me). But when it’s not hilarious, it’s maddening. OMG, child, if you use “no” that much it’s going to start losing meaning.

And then we’ll just call her “The girl who cried NO!” :)


2 thoughts on “not the best school pickup ever. [94.365]

  1. Has she gotten to “I want it! NOOO, I don’t want it!!!” on repeat for hours? That’s a good time, too. Glad you got a little quiet and rest in the car–it sounds like it was much needed.

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