riding the train. [87.365]

Riding the train at the Strong. #latergram

Fridays are my day to pick M up from school at 3, and she’s been talking about trains all week, so I asked her if she wanted to go to the Museum of Play (which she adorably pronounces like “zeemapay”), where (among many other things) they have a really big train play area that includes a train that you can pay $1 to ride on (we actually still have a voucher from the membership my parents bought us, so we paid $0!). She clung to me very fearfully on the first lap around the loop, but enjoyed herself after that. Afterwards, she had a blast playing with the giant collection of wooden trains/tracks:

Playing with trains at the Strong #latergram

This week has been a week. Lots of frustrating crap involving my TA for this semester. Plus I didn’t manage to stay on top of things well enough, so I’m going to end up working some this weekend despite my efforts. And my back/left leg is acting up again, and fneh. 2014, I’m just not a fan…you’d best turn around soon. Maybe in time for my birthday?

3 thoughts on “riding the train. [87.365]”

    1. OMG, it’s the best museum. Not that y’all probably have any reason to come up to Rochester, but if for some reason you ever do, we’d HAVE to take Leo there – he’d love it!

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