sprouting. [82.365]

Sprouting seeds w/M.

We’ve been sprouting some seeds so that M can see how it works. A black bean and an apple seed. They were both taking off, so we decided to plant them today. We let M decorate some paper cups and filled them with dirt and planted our seeds. Here’s hoping they actually grow – M’s pretty excited about this!

Today, despite the fact that it was SNOWING, I was on a huge Spring Cleaning kick. Our bathroom had gotten kind of (actually, REALLY) gross after the weeks of sickness where none of us felt up to anything beyond keeping ourselves fed, and I finally just tackled it. It is SO MUCH BETTER now. This also resulted in clearing out the random stacks of things that had been shoved on the shelves behind the bathroom door, during which I found M’s first babyStripes! sweater, which resulted in this picture:

I still plan to make her a new one every time she outgrows the previous one :)

That’s her first babyStripes!, on top of her second babyStripes! – a 3-6mo size and a 2-3yr size. Such a big difference! I still plan to knit her a new one each time she outgrows the old one, so I’m guessing that next winter it’ll be time for a 3-4yr size cardi. I also want to knit myself a grown-up sized cardigan version of Stripes!, but when I’ll find the time, I have no idea.

I tried to mostly stay offline this weekend, and be really present at home. We cooked and cleaned and read and played and it felt really good. I hope I don’t pay for it, next week. What I really hope is that if I let myself take the weekends off, I’ll be able to be more focused at work because I’ll know I have the weekend to look forward to. I’m still not sure I can actually get everything done during my at-work hours even if I’m super focused, so we’ll see how it goes this week. No matter what, I’m going to be online a lot less for the forseeable future. I’ll still post here daily (or almost) but I’m finding I’m happier when I’m a little less “plugged-in”.


6 thoughts on “sprouting. [82.365]

  1. Jessie

    I hope your new routine works well! Hopefully taking time to be fully present at home will ease some of the stress of school. I know well the challenge of academia where you feel like you always have to be working.

    • Thank you! Ever since having M, it’s become so hard for me to manage the “never not working” expectations of academia. I’m finally figuring out that if I don’t set strong boundaries for myself, it’s never going to work, this whole parenting-while-in-academia thing. Here’s hoping for better balance in the coming months.

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